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Europe Unit

The Europe Unit is a service related to the Research & Innovation Department of the university of Caen Normandie (UNICAEN).

Composed of two European Project Managers, the Europe Unit provides a range of support services to researchers through European fundings and research programmes.

Our missions

  • Monitoring on calls and European work programmes ;
  • Lobbying and networking activities in association with National Contact Points from the French Ministry, the Representation office of Region Normandie in Brussels and the correspondents of the CPU (Conference of University Presidents) on European matters.
  • Organisation of briefings, informative meetings ;
  • Assistance in setting up projects ;
  • Support in contract negotiation ;
  • Provide a cross-disciplinary collaborative support through the projects implementation with the internal services ;
  • Support through the conduct of audits from the European Commission.

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For further information, please send us an email.

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